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    By status, institution, education, ancestry, sex, age and time
    2005-2021 (Number)

    VBE, H5039 Social Sciences, VBE, H503915 Administration, management and leadership, VBE, H5058 Technical educations, VBE, H505810 Technical not specified, VBE, H505815 Construction and installation engineering, VBE, H505820 Electronics and IT, technical, VBE, H505825 Energy and power technical, VBE, H505830 Engineering, VBE, H505840 Health and social care technology, VBE, H505845 Technique science, combined, VBE, H505850 Technical, manufacturing and product development, VBE, H505895 Technical in addition, VBE, H5059 Technical sciences, VBE, H505910 Technical sciences not specified, VBE, H505935 Electronics in addition, VBE, H5075 Food, biotechnology and laboratory technology, VBE, H507510 Food, biotechnology and laboratory technology not specified, VBE, H507515 Laboratory, food and process technology, VBE, H5080 Agriculture, nature and environment, VBE, H508045 Landscape architecture and management, VBE, H5089 Health, VBE, H508940 Hygienist and clinical dentistry, VBE, H60 Bachelors programs, H6020 Educational, BACH, H602030 Education, BACH, H6025 Humanities and theological, BACH, H602510 Humanistic not specified, BACH, H602512 Archaeology, BACH, H602515 Classical Studies, BACH, H602517 Ethnology, BACH, H602520 Philosophy, BACH, H602522 History, BACH, H602525 Idea and History of Science, BACH, H602526 Film, theater and musicology, etc., BACH, H602527 Literature, BACH, H602530 Communication and dissemination, BACH, H602532 Journalism and rhetoric, BACH, H602535 Information Science, etc., BACH, H602540 Experiential design, BACH, H602542 Music Therapy, BACH, H602545 Religion and Religion Science, BACH, H602550 Linguistics, BACH, H602552 Danish-Nordic language and literature, BACH, H602555 Middle East languages, BACH, H602557 Roman languages, BACH, H602560 Slavic, East European and Balkan, BACH, H602562 Southeast Asian languages, BACH, H602563 East Asian languages, BACH, H602565 West Germanic, BACH, H602570 Classical languages and philology, BACH, H602571 Ancient Languages BACH, H602575 Other language courses BACH, H602585 Business Language undergraduates BACH, H602589 Business language, combined, BACH, H602595 Humanistisk in addition, BACH, H602597 Theology, BACH, H6030 Arts, BACH, H603065 Music, BACH, H6035 Science, BACH, H603510 Science not specified, BACH, H603515 Biochemistry and molecular biology, BACH, H603517 Biology, BACH, H603520 Biomedicn and molecular medicine, BACH, H603522 Medicinal Chemistry, etc., BACH, H603525 Nanoscience and Nanobioscience, BACH, H603530 Physics and Physics, BACH, H603535 Geodesy and Geoinformatics, BACH, H603537 Geography, BACH, H603540 Geology, BACH, H603545 Sport, BACH, H603547 Chemistry, BACH, H603550 Mathematics, BACH, H603555 Statistics, BACH, H603560 Scientific IT education, BACH, H6039 Social Sciences, BACH, H603910 Social not specified, BACH, H603915 Administration, management and leadership, BACH, H603920 Anthropology, BACH, H603925 Globalization and International social studies, BACH, H603930 Law, BACH, H603935 Political Science, BACH, H603940 Psychology, BACH, H603945 Sociology, BACH, H603950 Economy, BACH, H603955 Business Economics not specified, BACH, H603965 Business Administration, BACH, H603970 Economics-business language, Negot., BACH, H6059 Technical sciences, BACH, H605910 Technical sciences not specified, BACH, H605915 Biotechnology and chemical technology, BACH, H605920 Nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology, BACH, H605925 Construction and installation engineering, BACH, H605930 Electronics and IT, BACH, H605935 Electronics, in addition, BACH, H605940 Energy technology, BACH, H605945 Surveying Science, BACH, H605950 Engineering, BACH, H605955 Environmental Engineering etc., BACH, H605960 Health and welfare technology etc., BACH, H605965 Technology and science combined, BACH, H605970 Engineering, manufacturing and product development, BACH, H605995 Technical sciences in addition, BACH, H6075 Food, biotechnology and laboratory technology, BACH, H607525 Food and nutrition science, BACH, H607595 Food and nutrition science in addition, BACH, H6080 Agriculture, nature and environment, BACH, H608020 Agricultural Sciences, BACH, H608025 Animal Science, BACH, H608030 Veterinary medicine, BACH, H608035 Forestry Science, BACH, H608040 Agriculture, food and environment combined, BACH, H608045 Landscape architecture and management, BACH, H608050 Natural Resources and Environment, BACH, H6090 Health science, BACH, H609025 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, BACH, H609030 Public Health, BACH, H609035 IT and health sciences, BACH, H609050 Medicine, BACH, H609055 Odontology, BACH, H609095 Health, in addition, BACH, H70 Masters programs, H7020 Educational, MASTER, H702030 Education, MASTER, H7025 Humanities and theological, MASTER, H702510 Humanistic not specified, MASTER, H702512 Archaeology, MASTER, H702515 Classical Studies, MASTER, H702517 Ethnology, MASTER, H702520 Philosophy, MASTER, H702522 History, MASTER, H702525 Idea and History of Science, MASTER, H702526 Film, theater and musicology, etc., MASTER, H702527 Literature, MASTER, H702530 Communication and dissemination, MASTER, H702532 Journalism and rhetoric, MASTER, H702535 Information Science, etc., MASTER, H702537 Digital design and interaction design, MASTER, H702540 Experiential design, MASTER, H702542 Music Therapy, MASTER, H702545 Religion and Religion Science, MASTER, H702550 Linguistics, MASTER, H702552 Danish-Nordic language and literature, MASTER, H702555 Middle East languages, MASTER, H702557 Roman languages, MASTER, H702560 Slavic, East European and Balkan, MASTER, H702562 Southeast Asian languages, MASTER, H702563 East Asian languages, MASTER, H702565 West Germanic, MASTER, H702570 Classical languages and philology, MASTER, H702571 Ancient Languages MASTER, H702575 Other language courses MASTER, H702588 Business language, ling.merc., MASTER, H702589 Business language, combined, MASTER, H702595 Humanistisk in addition, MASTER, H702597 Theology, MASTER, H7030 Arts, MASTER, H703020 Painting arts, MASTER, H703065 Music, MASTER, H7035 Science, MASTER, H703510 Science not specified, MASTER, H703515 Biochemistry and molecular biology, MASTER, H703517 Biology, MASTER, H703520 Biomedicn and molecular medicine, MASTER, H703522 Medicinal Chemistry, etc., MASTER, H703525 Nanoscience and Nanobioscience, MASTER, H703530 Physics and Physics, MASTER, H703537 Geography, MASTER, H703540 Geology, MASTER, H703545 Sport, MASTER, H703547 Chemistry, MASTER, H703550 Mathematics, MASTER, H703555 Statistics, MASTER, H703560 Scientific IT education, MASTER, H703595 Natural sciences in addition, MASTER, H7039 Social Sciences, MASTER, H703910 Social not specified, MASTER, H703915 Administration, management and leadership, MASTER, H703920 Anthropology, MASTER, H703925 Globalization and International social studies, MASTER, H703930 Law, MASTER, H703935 Political Science, MASTER, H703940 Psychology, MASTER, H703945 Sociology, MASTER, H703950 Economy, MASTER, H703955 Business Economics not specified, MASTER, H703960 Business Administration, MSc., MASTER, H703970 Economics-business language, Negot., MASTER, H7059 Technical sciences, MASTER, H705910 Technical sciences not specified, MASTER, H705915 Biotechnology and chemical technology, MASTER, H705920 Nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology, MASTER, H705925 Construction and installation engineering, MASTER, H705930 Electronics and IT, MASTER, H705935 Electronics in addition, MASTER, H705940 Energy technology, MASTER, H705945 Surveying Science, MASTER, H705950 Engineering, MASTER, H705955 Environmental Engineering etc., MASTER, H705960 Health and welfare technology etc., MASTER, H705965 Technology and science combined, MASTER, H705970 Engineering, manufacturing and product development, MASTER, H705995 Technical sciences in addition, MASTER, H7075 Food, biotechnology and laboratory technology, MASTER, H707525 Food and nutrition science, MASTER, H707595 Food and nutrition science in addition, MASTER, H7080 Agriculture, nature and environment, MASTER, H708020 Agricultural Sciences, MASTER, H708025 Animal Science, MASTER, H708030 Veterinary medicine, MASTER, H708035 Forestry Science, MASTER, H708040 Agriculture, food and environment combined, MASTER, H708045 Landscape architecture and management, MASTER, H708050 Natural Resources and Environment, MASTER, H7090 Health science, MASTER, H709015 Occupational therapy, MASTER, H709020 Physiotherapy, MASTER, H709025 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, MASTER, H709030 Public Health, MASTER, H709035 IT and health sciences, MASTER, H709040 Midwifery Science, MASTER, H709045 Nursing Science, MASTER, H709050 Medicine, MASTER, H709055 Odontology, MASTER, H709095 Health, in addition, MASTER, H80 PhD programs, H8025 Humanities and theological PhD, H802520 Philosophy, PhD, H8035 Science, PhD, H803510 Science not specified, PhD, H8039 Social Sciences, PhD, H803935 Political Science, PhD, H8059 Technical sciences, PhD, H805910 Technical sciences not specified, PhD, H8080 PhD programmes, H808010 Agriculture, nature and the environment not specified, PhD, H8090 Health science, PhD, H809050 Medicine, PhD

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    Regionernes regnskaber

    By county council district, main account, dranst, kind, price unit and time
    2007-2021 (DKK 1,000)

    main account, 1.10.01 Somatic hospitals, 1.10.02 Psychiatric hospitals and sections, 1.20.10 General medical care, 1.20.11 Special medical care, 1.20.12 Medicin, 1.20.13 Dental care, 1.20.14 Psysical treatment, 1.20.15 Chiropractor, 1.20.16 Glasses, 1.20.17 Travel health insurance, 1.20.18 State-registered chiropodist, 1.20.19 Psychologist treatments, 1.20.20 Other health expenses, 1.20.21 Nutrition remedies, 1.20.22 Profylactic pregnancy check-up, 1.20.23 Medical check-up of children, 1.20.24 Vaccinations, 1.20.25 Hearing aids, 1.20.30 Specialized dental care, 1.50.33 Centralized administration of health (excl. psychiatry), 1.50.34 Decentralized administration of health (excl. psychiatry), 1.50.35 Administration of the psychiatric area, 1.50.36 IT health area (excluding psychiatry), 1.50.37 IT health area (psychiatry), 1.60.40 Central administration of the health care system, 1.60.41 Other expenses and revenues, 1.60.42 General reserves, 1.70.50 Joint purpose and administration expenses concerning health care, 1.80.60 Interest etc., 1.80.61 Interest accrual for holiday funds regarding, 1.90.90 Block grants from the state, 1.90.91 Fundamental contribution from the municipalities, 1.90.92 Contributions from the municipalties depending on activity, 1.90.93 Contributions from the state depending on activity, 1.90.94 Contributions from haemophilliac settlement arrangement, 2.10.01 Special offers, speciel education and counselling, 2.10.30 General senior housing, 2.60.40 Central administration of the social area, 2.60.50 Other expenses and revenues, 2.70.60 Joint purpose and administration expenses concerning social purposes, 2.80.70 Interest etc., 2.85.80 Special administrative tasks, 2.90.90 Objective financing contributions, 2.90.91 Block grants from the state, 3.10.01 Contributions to traffic companies, 3.20.10 Contributions to cultural activities, 3.30.20 Growth fora, 3.30.21 Turism, 3.30.22 Innovation and new technology, 3.30.23 Service to the industries and entrepreneury, 3.30.24 Devellopment of human resources, 3.30.25 Devellopment of outer- and rural district areas, 3.30.29 Central administration of industry devellopment, 3.40.30 Regional devellopment tasks on the education area, 3.40.39 Central administation of regional devellopment tasks on the education area, 3.50.40 Soil pollution, 3.50.41 Raw material, 3.50.49 Central administration of the enviroment area, 3.60.50 Other expences and revenues, 3.60.51 Central administration on regional development, 3.70.60 Joint purpose and administration expences concerning devellopment of the industries, 3.70.61 Joint expences and administration expences concerning regional devellopment tasks on education, 3.70.62 Joint purpose and administration expences concerning soil pollution and raw material, 3.70.63 Joint expences concerning other regional devellopment tasks, 3.80.70 Interest, 3.80.71 Interest accrual for holiday funds regarding, 3.90.90 Block grants from the state, 3.90.91 Municipal development grants, 4.10.01 Joint purpose, 4.10.02 Region councel members, 4.10.04 Election etc., 4.20.12 General offices and management, 4.20.13 Fælles IT, 4.30.21 Salary and maternity pools, 4.40.31 Pension concerning public servants, 4.50.31 Internal insurance fonds, 4.60.51 Other expences and revenues, 4.60.52 Internal insurance funds, 4.65.61 Intrests etc., 4.70.99 Amount brought forward - Joint purpose and administration, 5.10.05 Deposits with banks, 5.10.07 Investment funds, 5.10.08 Mortgage credit association bonds, 5.10.09 Local government bonds, 5.10.10 Central government bonds, 5.10.11 Bonds issued in other countries, 5.28.14 Outstanding accounts in payment control, 5.28.15 Other outstanding accounts concerning main account 1-4, 5.28.18 Financial assets belonging to private foundations with agreements, 5.28.19 Outstanding accounts with other municipalities and regions, 5.32.20 Mortgage deeds, 5.32.21 Shares etc., 5.32.22 Outstanding accounts with landowners, 5.32.23 Loan to residents entrance fee, 5.32.25 Other long-term loans and outstanding accounts, 5.32.26 Non-liquid bonds, 5.32.27 Deposited amounts for loans etc., 5.35.30 Intrests of advances concerning main account 2-3, 5.35.31 Interests of advances concerning main account 2, 5.50.50 Cash kredit and loans for building, 5.51.52 Other debt, 5.52.54 Other municipalities and regions, 5.52.56 Other short-term debt with domestic payment reciever, 5.52.57 Other short-term debt with foreign payment reciever, 5.52.59 Middel account, 5.52.61 Non-profit institutions with contract (short-term debt), 5.55.63 Non-profit institutions with contract (long-term debt), 5.55.64 State and mortgage bank, 5.55.65 Municipalities and other regions, 5.55.66 Municipalities pension insurance, 5.55.67 Other insurance companies, 5.55.68 Mortgage credit, 5.55.70 Municipality credit, 5.55.71 Banks, 5.55.73 Employees' Holiday Funds, 5.55.74 Public issued bonds in foreign countries, 5.55.75 Other long-term debt with domestic creditor, 5.55.76 Other long-term debt with foreign creditor, 5.55.78 Debt from quality fonds investments, 5.75.78 Other losses due to depreciation and profits due to appreciation, 5.80.95 Reimbursement of VAT, 5.90.99 Transfers - Interest etc.

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    Air Emission Accounts

    By industry, type of emission and time
    1990-2021 (-)

    69700 Legal and accounting activities; activities of head offices; management consultanc, 690010 Legal activities, 690020 Accounting and bookkeeping activities, 700000 Business consultancy activities, 71000 Architectural and engineering activities, 710000 Architectural and engineering activities, MB Scientific research and development, 72001 Scientific research and development (market), 720001 Scientific research and development (market), 72002 Scientific research and development (non-market), 720002 Scientific research and development (non-market), MC Advertising and other business services, 73000 Advertising and market research, 730000 Advertising and market research, 74750 Other professional, scientific and technical activities; veterinary activities, 740000 Other technical business services, 750000 Veterinary activities, N Travel agents, cleaning, and other operationel services, 77000 Rental and leasing activities, 770000 Rental and leasing activities, 78000 Employment activities, 780000 Employment activities, 79000 Travel agent activities, 790000 Travel agent activities, 80820 Security and investigation; services to buildings and landscape; other businness s, 800000 Security and investigation activities, 810000 Services to buildings, cleaning and landscape activities, 820000 Other business service activities, O_Q Public administration, education and health, O Public administration, defence and compulsory social security, 84202 Public administration etc., 840010 Public administration, 840022 Defence, public order, security and justice activities (non-market), 84101 Rescue service etc.

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