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Population projections

Where can I find population projections for a variety of countries? Or a population pyramid?

Note: Below, we provide links to Statistics Denmark and others who make statistics on the subject. In some instances, the sources referred to below have content in Danish only or limited content in English.


At Statistics Denmark you can create population figures yourself over the Danish population 1980-2060. You can also calculate them for individual municipalities or by origin.

The United Nations Population Division as well as the US Census Bureau have a database that allows you to find population figures broken down by age and sex for more than 200 countries for the period 1950-2100.
The databases also contain other types of data on the population, such as number of births, deaths, expectation of life etc.

At the US Census Bureau you can “build” population pyramids for any country. Select "Population Pyramid Graph" in the box "Select Report".

[This page was last reviewed in May 2023] 


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