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New Framework Programme signed

Statistics Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has signed a new agreement to continue and expand the Strategic Sector Cooperation covering the period from 2024-2027.

15 February 2024 15:00

Citat Ole Thonke


The expected long-term impact of the framework agreement is that decision making and progress on the green transition in partner countries will be more relevant, effective, equitable and just, because it is driven by strong evidence based practice.

As part of the new framework agreement Statistics Denmark will continue to work with the national statistical institutions in Ghana, Morocco and Vietnam. In addition, Statistics Denmark will expand our cooperation to a fourth country, which is yet to be identified. 

Statistics Denmark will as the only institution also receive funding to assist other Strategic Sector Cooperations to include elements of data and statistics in their project.

  Citat Birgitte Anker


Statistics Denmark will work with three strategic outcomes:

  • strengthening technical capacity
  • supporting a just green transition, and
  • strengthening public-private partnerships. 


The first outcome is much in line with traditional capacity building activities within the area of statistics. It is largely focused on statistics supporting a just green transition including the compilation of the System of Environmental Economic Accounts (SEEA) and the fundamental statistics needed to establish these accounts. SEEA enables us to see how our environment and economy interact and thus allow decision makers to have a solid basis for coming decisions. They also enable citizens to follow progress, and ensure that all countries can compare progress - or the opposite - using the same standards. 

Outcome two requires efforts that are more diplomatic and strategic in nature with the aim of establishing relationships with and between stakeholders in society and ensure that NSIs are seen as trusted data providers. To succeed, Statistics Denmark work closely with the Danish Embassies in our partner countries. 

Outcome three aims at promoting Danish societal solutions that have been developed through partnerships between the public and private sector. Solutions that either directly or indirectly could have an impact on the quality, the speed and efficiency in the production of statistics, which then ultimately can support the green transition.

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