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Pushing statistical production based on administrative data – on all levels

Pushing statistical production based on administrative data – on all levels.

22 August 2023 12:00

At the same time as Danish experts in Vietnam together with the General Statistical Office (GSO) worked on creating statistical indicators based on administrative micro data, an international conference on “Data ecosystem management, data governance, and data stewardship” took place. Participants were Vietnamese ministries, international institutions, representatives from the private sector and national statistical offices.

The full day conference displayed experiences of data integration and cooperation between authorities for the production of high quality official statistics through presentations and discussions. Presentations were held by the national statistical offices of Denmark, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Thailand. Likewise the international organizations ESCAP and UNFPA contributed with presentations.

The conference ended in a lively discussion between the Vietnamese public institutions and the international participants. The conference is considered a valuable leverage to Statistics Denmark’s ongoing efforts to support the modernization and digitalization of the production of official statistics in Vietnam through the Strategic Sector Cooperation program financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You can read more about the SSC-project in Vietnam here.


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