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Nordic webinar on development cooperation

On February 9, 2022 at 9.30 am a webinar on Data for Development is held. The webinar will provide a Nordic perspective on integrating statistics into development policy making.

25 January 2022 13:00

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The National Statistical Institutions (NSIs) in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have all been engaged in development cooperation in statistics for several decades. In order to contribute to continuous learning and increased coordination, the development cooperation units in the NSIs have been exchanging experiences and sharing good practice from their work, formally on an annual basis but even more regularly on an informal basis.

To increase this coordination and learning, in 2020, a first meeting was held for an external audience, including financing institutions and external partners, with the aim of fostering joint understanding, providing inspiration, and proposing opportunities for concrete cooperation in future work. Since this was experienced as a useful and informative meeting, it was proposed to carry out a similar joint event virtually in 2022.

This meeting will focus on the use of data and statistics in policymaking. It’s essential for our partner to ensure that statistics is relevant, in demand and used in order to realise the full potential that statistics can bring to development policymaking. However, it is often considered challenging to work with the user perspective of statistics and to support our partners adequately. This meeting aims to exchange practical experiences and ideas for how to ensure that the final step in the statistics value chain can be reached, and to get input from donors and external partners to help us develop our projects further in this area.


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Using data for development

– a Nordic perspective on integrating statistics into development policymaking 

9 February 2022, 9.30-11.30 

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  • Denmark to host the meeting

The Nordic model for statistical capacity development – how has it changed over the years to focus more on the user perspective

  • Mr Stefan Andersson, Head of International Cooperation, Statistics Sweden 

Panel discussion:

Moderated by Mr Timo Koskimäki, Director of International Affairs at Statistics Finland

Including Q&A

  • Mr James L Donovan, Senior Policy Specialist, Swedish International Development Agency Sida 
  • Mr Henrik Hansen, Professor, Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen, member of the Development Economics Research Group
  • Mr Geir Øvensen, Senior Advisor, Norad, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
  • Mr Miikka Paajavuori, Senior Officer, Ministry for Foreign Affairs Finland 

About wage negotiations, data needs and trust in data. What is the role of official statistics? Perspectives from LO and NHO

  • Ms Liv Tørres, International Secretary, Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) 
  • Ms Victoria Sparrman, Economist, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO) 

More and better financing for more and better statistical capacity

  • Ms Jurei Yada, Partnerships Coordinator, PARIS21 

Conclusions and way forward: developing the Nordic model

  • Ms Janne Utkilen, Head of Development Cooperation, Statistics Norway

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