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Calling African Statistical Institutes

The European Pan African statistics 2 programme is inviting African NSIs to join the presentation on Monday 14th March 2022.

8 March 2022 13:00

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In 2022, Eurostat launched a programme called Pan African Statistics 2 (PAS2) to support the African Union and its members’ statistical systems. This programme, which is a continuation of the PAS1 programme, is structured around several projects among which the following three will be presented during the side event: two grants coordinated by EU National Statistical Institutes (Insee-France and Statistics Denmark) and one service contract managed by Expertise France (the French agency for international technical cooperation). Together, the three projects will cover a range of statistical domains, with one grant focusing on economic statistics (ECOnomic and BUSiness statistics in AFrica- ECOBUSAF), one grant focusing on social statistics (SOCial STatistics in Africa - SOCSTAF), and the service contract covering both social and economic statistics. The purpose of this side event is to introduce the PAS2 programme to the African NSIs, to provide information about its objectives and content, and inform about the opportunity to participate.

While the PAS2 service contract project has mostly a regional approach, ECOBUSAF and SOCSTAF more specifically target individual NSIs. The latter two projects aim at supporting African countries in building their capacities in various statistical domains (National accounts, business registers, demographic, health, education and employment statistics) and in going down the path of statistical integration at the AU level in some statistical domains. New data sources will be investigated together with how to treat them. Various operating modes will be carried out on-line or face-to-face, including technical assistance to specific countries, on-line training courses, workshops and a hackathon. The programmes will coordinate with each other and with other stakeholders in the region and create synergies with other programmes. 

The participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and to informally show their interest in participating in the project.


Register for the event here


Pan African Statistics 2

a European programme to support better data for better lives in Africa

A Side Event at the United Nations Statistical Commission

Organised by: Eurostat, African Union, INSEE, Statistics Denmark, Statistics Norway and Expertise France. The event will be co-chaired by Eurostat and STATAFRIC.

Held in English with French interpretation

Thursday 14 march 2022, 9.00-10.30 am (New York) - 3.00-4.30 pm (CET)

Time Agenda point Comments/speakers
20 min

Introduction by the co-chairs

  • overview of the PAS2 programme, by M. Lukasz Augustyniak, Eurostat and Ms. Leila Ben Ali, STATAFRIC
20 min

General organisation of the ECOBUSAF and SOCSTAF grants and presentation of the ECOBUSAF national account component

  • by  Ms. Dominique Francoz, Insee
10 min

Presentation of the ECOBUSAF statistical business registers component

  • by Ms. Janne Utkilen, Statistics Norway
10 min

Presentation of the SOCSTAF project

  • by Ms. Nina von Lachmann-Steensen, Statistics Denmark

10 min PAS 2 service contract presentation
  • by M. Samson Bel-Aube Nougbodohoue, STATAFRIC and M. Guillaume Poirel, Expertise France
20 min

Q&A session 

Register for the event here


The PAS programme is funded by the European Union


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