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Closing the Twinning project in Georgia

The EU funded Twinning project ‘Strengthening the Capacity of the Georgian Statistical System (GE 16 ENI ST 06 18)’ is coming to a close after a period of 32 months. On the 24th November the project had a closing event to formally celebrate the project and its achievements. The day after the final steering committee meeting took place.

1 December 2021 14:30

The project addressed 4 different components:

Like all other projects we have been heavily influenced by the pandemic – ultimately resulting in a 8 month extension of the project. But through Zoom the project has managed to work efficiently through the pandemic. Over the last couple of months the project has taken full advantage of relaxed travel restrictions and worked “face to face” in Georgia, Denmark and the Czech republic.

Reports and material generated by the project is available from

Pictures from the projects can be found on

A big thank you to GEOSTAT and our partners in the project Statistics Finland, Statistics Lithuanian, Hungarian Central Statistics Office and the Czech Statistical Office.

Watch the video below about the Twinning project in Georgia:


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