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Profile on employees

Do you want a statistical overview of your employees or members in your organisation? Then we can produce a statistical profile of your employees which contains statistics on, for example, the employees' gender, descent and educational background

Submit your own subgroups

You can break up your employees in subgroups e.g. into job categories, departments or management level. Then we will deliver statistics on these groups. There must be no duplicates – i.e. the same person may not be part of two or more groups at the same time.

The tables

There are a total of 6 tables, which contain the following cross tabulations:

  • Table 1: Staff group x origin
  • Table 2: Staff group x age
  • Table 3: Staff group x gender x origin
  • Table 4: Staff group x region
  • Table 5: Origin x education
  • Table 6: Origin x country of origin

Only Tables 1-4 can be delivered on selfdefined subgroups of staff. If you do not want to divide your employees or members into groups, then the tables only contain statistics for the total number of employees. You can see examples of the specific tables by clicking on the link below. Here you can also find a description of the content of the delivery.


The price is DKK 14.232 excl. VAT (DKK 17.790 incl. VAT), however, the price can increase slightly if you want to get data on your own sub groups of staff. Therefore you might have to pay for a few hours on top of the above mentioned price.


In order to prepare the tables, we need the civil registration numbers (CPR numbers) of the employees or members sent to us. There must be at least 20 people in the company or association in order for us to provide statistics. If you divide staff into smaller groups, the risk of statistical disclosure increases. If, for example, you want to divide into two staff groups, there must be a minimum of 20 people in each group otherwise they will be disclosed. Fewer groups will normally result in more information about staff or members. You can find a template for how to report the CPR numbers below.

We usually deliver within two weeks after we have received your order and we have received the CPR numbers. You will receive the tables in Excel sheets by e-mail.


Do not send any CPR numbers to Statistics Denmark before you have been told how to do it. Once we have received a division of the employees or members with their CPR numbers, we check them up against the register and send a control table back to you, where the number of valid CPR numbers appears and possibly also the number of duplicates.


Click on "Order" below and fill in the order form.


When you order, you also accept Statistics Denmark's general terms and conditions.


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Tailor-made statistics

If you need to combine the tables with other variables or have them combined in a different way than in our standard tables, please send an e-mail to our consultants in Customer Centre. Read more about  tailor-made solutions

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