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Transferring of analysis results

It is important that you follow Statistic Denmark’s rules for transferring results to your own computer. If you violate the rules, you risk that your entire institution will be temporary shut out of the scheme. If you have send home micro data by mistake, you must inform Statistics Denmark right away by sending an email to

It is only allowed to transfer results via Statistics Denmark’s transferring tool (FSEHjemsend). You will find it by clicking “Send fil” on the desktop of the research machine.

What cannot be transferred?

No types of micro data can be transferred. Not through the transferring tool or in any other way for example by writing information from your screen on a piece of paper, taking a screenshot or taking a picture of the screen with your phone. This also applies to the micro data you have sent to Statistics Denmark for a concrete project.

Below you will find a list of what you cannot send home. The list is not exhaustive.

  • Tables with less than three observations
  • Datasets - or parts of datasets – with information on individual/company level, which can be background knowledge of income, education or socioeconomic status or calculated variables on individual level, pseudonymised key variables such as civil registration numbers, CVR numbers, works place numbers or address numbers etc.
  • File formats that have not been approved for transferring

Approved file formats

It is only allowed to transfer file formats that are approved by Research Service at Statistics Denmark. If you send a file format that is not approved, you will receive an error message from the system saying “Filtype ikke tilladt” (File type not allowed).

File type

File extension


xls xlsx xlsm xlm xml


eps png wmf tif jpg gif emf jpeg svg bmp ppt pptx pptm tiff


htm html mht

Programme code

sas r do doh ado




lst sas7bdat


sps sav spv


dta smcl


tab txt






doc docx rtf

It is not allowed to change the file extension in relation to the content of the file.

If you wish to have a file type added to the list, please contact


Phone: +45 39 17 31 30