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How to use Denmark’s Data Portal

See how you use Denmark's Data Portal to order data and where to get help, if you need it.

How to use Denmark's Data Portal

You can switch between Danish and English in Denmark's Data Portal. Click on "Sprog"/"Language" in the upper right corner to switch. 

Step 1: Login

Logging in to
If you need help, please contact IT-Servicedesk by phone at +45 39 17 38 00 or email

Log in to Denmark's Data Portal
When you are logged on to the remote, you have to click on “DDV”. For help with logging in to Denmark's Data Portal, you can contact Research Service's administration by phone at 39 17 31 32 or email

The first time, you log in to Denmark's Data Portal, you have to click “Forgot password” and write your 3-4 character ident. You will receive a safety password via the email that is linked to your ident. When you have chosen a new password, you can log in to Denmark’s Data Portal.

Step 2: Create project and write project proposal

You can write your project proposal in either Danish or English.

  1. Create a project: “New project proposal”
    When you create a new project, you have to give it a title, choose which institution it should belong to and whether it is part of the research scheme or a project database. If you need help, please contact the administrator at your institution.
  2. Project proposal
    Here you add the text to your project proposal in the text boxes. The text is saved automatically every five seconds. If you need help, please contact the administrator at your institution, the contact person of your project or the project responsible in Research Service.
  3. Connect other users
    If there are other users on your project, an administrator or contact person with added responsibilities can add them here, so they can also fill in project proposals and order data. The users must be a user in Denmark’s Data Portal and have an active user agreement with the authorised institution, which has the data responsibility for the project. If you need help, please contact the administrator at your institution.
  4. Create population
    Here you describe the population of the project.
    If the population is subtracted from Statistics Denmark’s data bank, the description shall indicate which registers, years and, where applicable, conditional variables are to be used for the formation.
    If the population is submitted, it must be described here and documentation is sent as an annex in an email to the project responsible. Reference must be made to the annex in the recommendation.
    If you need help, please contact the administrator at your institution, the contact person of your project or the project responsible in Research Service.
  5. Select the server
    If your authorised institution has a hosted server, you can choose to create the project here. Alternatively, it is always possible to create the project on the Research Server.
  6. Summary
    Here you can see your total data order and check that everything is typed correctly. If you want to change something, you can go back and correct it before sending your order.
    If you are an administrator of the institution below, you can send the option directly to Statistics Denmark (“Submit”) otherwise you must send the setting to one of the administrators (“Send to administrator”) at your institution. If you need help, please contact the administrator at your institution.

If you get your order back for revision, this means that your project responsible in Research Service has looked through it and added comments you need to consider. You can resend your project proposal after you correct it.

Step 3: Approval of project, price model and data delivery

It is not yet possible to sign a project proposal in Denmark’s Data Portal. Therefore, project proposals must be sent for approval by email. See the steps below. If you need help during the approval process, contact your project responsible in Research Service.

1. Your project proposal will be “Pre-approved”

When a project proposal is pre-approved by the project manager in Research Service, you will be able to see that the status is “pre-approved” under “pending project proposals” in Denmark’s Data Portal. After that, you must sign the project proposal on behalf of the institution.

2. Print and sign the project proposal

Inside the project page, click on the three dots that are at the top right of the project title. Here you can print. Please fill in the fields for the data responsible under the ‘Signature’ section.

3. The project proposal is sent via email

Send the signed proposal by email to your project responsible in Research Service. Remember to enter the project number in the subject field.

4. Project proposal approved by Research Service

Once the proposal has been approved by Research Service’s Head of Division, you will receive the proposal by email, and you will be able to see in Denmark’s Data Portal that the status of the proposal is now “Approved”.

5. Final price offer and preparation of contract

Once the proposal has been approved by you and Research Service, you will receive a final price offer. If you want a price estimate earlier in the process, you are welcome to ask for it.

6. Data delivery

Once price offers and possibly any contract are approved, Research Service will deliver data to your project as soon as possible.

Roles and important information

When using Denmark’s Data Portal, you have different possibilities depending on what “role” your institution has given you. The overall data ordering process is almost the same regardless of your role. In the files below, you can see what the roles are and rights your role has. You can see your role under “My Overview” next to your institution. If you do not have a specific role, you are “User”.

Important for project databases and database managers

All users have the opportunity to create projects in Denmark’s Data Portal under the institutions with which they have a user agreement. In order to maintain the structure of project databases, where it is the database managers that have the contact with Research Service, the database managers must be administrators in Denmark’s Data Portal. The authorisation officer of the institution can assign you the administrator role. In this way, the database managers can review the order before it is sent to Statistics Denmark.

Browsers that support Denmark’s Data Portal

Below are the different versions of browsers that support Denmark’s Data Portal:

  • Google Chrome: Version 98 and Up
  • Microsoft Edge: Version 97 and Up
  • Firefox: Version 97 and Up
  • IOS_Safari: 14 and up
  • Safari: Version 14 and Up
  • Internet Explorer is not supported.