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Framework agreement with DeiC

Agreement for a grant of DKK 7.4 million for Research­ Service at Statistics Denmark

Statistics Denmark has signed a framework agreement with Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC) to co-finance the operation and development of Statistics Denmark’s Research Service for 2021.

Who is covered

The framework agreement covers the services provided to researchers who in this context are regarded as all employees of publicly funded research projects, employees in public research and analysis environments (i.e. universities, sector research institutions, ministries, agencies, etc.) as well as researchers employed by general charitable foundations in Denmark.

Main points of the framework agreement

  1. Research Service coordinates the research service internally in Statistics Denmark. This means that all inquiries concerning research projects that want to use Statistics Denmark’s research scheme must be made to the unit. In addition, the Research Service manages and controls the authorisation of relevant research institutions, the researchers’ electronic data access and the data confidentiality provisions relating to microdata.
  2. Developing users’ ability to analyse large amounts of data related to personal medicine in an HPC (High Performance Computing) environment of the National Genom Center (NGC) is completed and expanded with HPC infrastructure that embraces other disciplines. Among other things, the solutions can be used for projects that need particularly large computational capacity, and become a complement to the traditional “hosted” solutions, where a research environment can have their own computers installed at Statistics Denmark.
  3. The agreement contributes to the upgrading and maintenance of Statistics Denmark’s servers. This ensures that the use of the servers is free for public research institutions. However, for particularly large data sets, a behavioural disk surcharge is charged.

In the past, public institutions in Research Service were able to receive free advice, which was then funded by the framework agreement. However, this was discontinued in 2018. Today, public institutions have to pay for all consultancy and other services related to their projects. See the Framework Agreement in its entirety here (in Danish):

Framework agreement with Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC) 2022 (in Danish)


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