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Documentation in English

We are currently not able to translate all of our statistical documentation. We encourage you to ask for help in your research environment.

High quality­ documentation

High quality documentation is an extension of the existing TIMES documentation on Research Service’s website.

The new element in the high quality documentation is the inclusion of the historical dimension in the documentation for each variable. The historical dimension describes any data breaches and validity periods and the population is stated.

For the variables, where applicable, a graph and table are attached. The same template is used for the documentation for each variable.

The high quality documentation has been made in collaboration between Statistics Denmark and the Coordinating Body for Register Research. External evaluators appointed by the Coordinating Body for Register Research carry out the quality control.

Go to the High Quality Documentation (only in Danish)


TIMES is the documentation system for Statistics Denmark. The system documents the data included in Statistics Denmark’s statistics. The statistics themselves are documented in the statistical documentation. TIMES consists of a common database with associated tools for describing data sets and variables.

On 1 July 2010, the documentation system TIMES has been updated on Statistics Denmark’s website. In the new TIMES, the documentation is updated in relation to the published statistics and thus more up-to-date than the previous TIMES documentation on Statistics Denmark’s website.

However, the documentation system is constantly being updated and it is therefore important to be aware that this is not a final version of TIMES.

Access TIMES (in Danish)

TIMES — historical data is the previous version of TIMES, which was on Statistics Denmark’s website before 1 July 2010. Here it is possible to access the documentation of older variables that will not be found in the new TIMES.

Access TIMES— historical data

Statistical documentation

Statistics Denmark’s production comprises more than 250 statistical products, which are organised into 17 subject groups.
Each of the statistical products is described in the statistical documentation, which tells about content and quality under the following headings:

0. Administrative information about the statistical product
1. Content
2. The time
3. Reliability and uncertainty
4. Comparability
5. Availability

Access Statistical documentation (in Danish)


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