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Date Time Type Title Subsubject Period Confirmed
30‑05‑2022 08:00 News Maternity benefits Parental leave benefits 2020 Yes
08‑06‑2022 08:00 News Survey on Living Conditions (suplement) Statistics on income and living conditions (SILC) 2021 No
09‑06‑2022 08:00 News Recievers of cash benefits (quarterly) Cash benefits 1 quarter 2022 No
10‑06‑2022 08:00 News Service for the elderly Social benefits for senior citizens 2021 No
14‑06‑2022 08:00 News Birth Cohort Crime Birth cohort crime rates 2021 No
15‑06‑2022 08:00 News Drug Abuse Treatment Drug abuse treatment Social 2021 No
17‑06‑2022 08:00 News People receiving public benefits before retirement age (quarterly) Persons below the age of national old-age pension on public benefits 1 quarter 2022 No


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