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Date Time Type Title Subsubject Period Confirmed
18‑01‑2022 08:00 News Local government and regional budgets Accounts and budgets of municipalities 2022 Yes
19‑01‑2022 08:00 News Household budget survey Household budget survey 2020 Yes
21‑01‑2022 08:00 News Consumer expectations Consumer expectations January 2022 Yes
25‑01‑2022 08:00 News EU harmonized consumer price index Harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP) December 2021 Yes
31‑01‑2022 08:00 News Sales of real property, monthly Sales of real property November 2021 No
04‑02‑2022 08:00 News Forced sales of real property Forced sales of real property January 2022 No
08‑02‑2022 08:00 News Balance of payments and external trade Current account of the balance of payments December 2021 No
10‑02‑2022 08:00 News Consumer price index and net retail price index Consumer price index January 2022 No
15‑02‑2022 08:00 News GDP Indicator (quarterly) Key figures for the national accounts (GDP) 4 quarter 2021 No


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