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Editorial by the National Statistician

The editorial is authored by the national statistician. As of 1 October 2020, this office is held by Birgitte Anker. In the editorials, she mainly comments on what the figures indicate about the trend in Danish society in an overall perspective and discusses current projects and challenges in the world of statistics.

The press is welcome to reproduce the editorial with due acknowledgement or to use it as inspiration for their own stories.

If you have questions, please contact our press team at tel. +45 39 17 30 70.

9 June 2023

Do we, as a society, benefit enough from our data?

Do we, as a society, benefit enough from our data?

For 40 years, Statistics Denmark has made data available to society in a secure way. The return is high and diverse when data is used for research, analysis and as the backdrop to important decisions in society. But should we – as a society – be satisfied with the present opportunities when the benefits could be even greater?


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