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Communication strategy 2025

Communication strategy 2025 describes Statistics Denmark’s strategic goals for the development of our external communication towards 2025 and is one of the means to realise Strategy 2025.

As a part of Strategy 2025, Statistics Denmark shall be the preferred source of reliable information on society in times where citizens need to navigate through an immense and potentially misleading flow of facts and figures and where it is hard to know for sure whether statistics and analyses are reliable and detached from specific interests.

The communication strategy provides an overview of our strategic communication goals and efforts to further develop Statistics Denmark’s external communication, including communication to and with our different target groups. 

Communication strategy 2025 sets four strategic communication goals:

  1. We are visible and provide relevant input to all levels of society
  2. We communicate focusing on different target groups and their needs
  3. We enhance statistical literacy, the ability to use statistics and to navigate through facts and fake news
  4. We visualise the customised statistics, surveys and data service options available to everyone.


Principles for good communication

The underlying basis of Statistics Denmark’s communication is our core values: trustworthiness, transparency, user focus, ability to change and data accountability.  

We are the central producer and provider of statistics and are responsible for producing official statistics on social and economic trends in Danish society. To achieve this, Statistics Denmark complies with the international principles for trustworthy official statistics adopted, respectively, by the EU and the UN, including the Code of Practice for statistical institutes.


New title

Communication strategy 2025 is a continuation of the publications on Statistics Denmark’s communication and dissemination that started with the publications for 2016-2020. The two previous versions were titled ‘Communication and dissemination strategy’. As from the 2022 version, the publication is titled ‘Communication strategy’


Communication strategy


Communication strategy
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