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Strategy 2022 - Revised

The strategy identifies a set of targets Statistics Denmark will strive to achieve by 2022. It also pinpoints the main areas of action of our work.

Statistics Denmark delivers knowledge, which underpins decisions, debate, and research. Our goal in the coming years is to transform the institution into an extrovert data- and knowledge generator, which strengthens the common understanding of societal phenomena.

The strategy answers how we plan to handle the challenges we, as the central statistics producer in Denmark, are faced with. A number of developments, which put new and increased demands on statistics, currently characterize society: a massive technological development, increased globalization, and focus on new phenomena, such as climate change and the repercussions of the financial crisis.

Our areas for action are divided into five main themes: Services, Processes, Data Sources, Data Security, and Statistical Cooperation. For each main theme, a number of objectives are laid down, and for each objective, we provide examples for planned actions.

We plan biannual revisions of the strategy to best mitigate new and evolving demands and reflect progress made. Our annual work program will describe the specific initiatives we plan each year to meet the targets of the strategy by 2022.



ISBN pdf: 978-87-501-2386-6
Released: 14 October 2021 08:00
No of pages: 16
Contact info:
Bo Johansen
Phone: 39 17 37 03