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ICT usage in households and by individuals - EU benchmark 2016

This publication describes Europeans’ use of ICT in a broad perspective based on responses from a representative sample of citizens in Denmark and other EU Member States in 2016. Data was collected using a harmonised questionnaire that enables comparisons across countries.

The survey describes the use of internet in general, including access to internet, use of e-commerce, social media, use of internet banking as well as online self-service. Various questions on ICT security and protection of personal infor­mation are dealt with in the last section of the publication.

The statistics confirm the conclusion reached in other studies; Denmark is still among the EU front-runners in terms of ICT usage by citizens. This applies to e.g. online self-service, online shopping, use of internet banking and social net­working services.

Highlights from this year’s survey:

Danes often shop on the internet 

At 83 per cent, the United Kingdom has the largest percentage of people who shop online, closely followed by Denmark in second place at 82 per cent. Online shopping in the EU is generally more common among men. The situation in Denmark is opposite. Danish women have overtaken men in shopping online.

Danes best in the EU at online self-service

Denmark leads the EU with regard to online self-service. A total of 88 per cent of Danes have visited public-authority websites, against the European average of 48 per cent for EU citizens. The percentage of Danes who submit completed forms to public authorities has doubled since 2008.

53m Europeans have never been online

14 per cent of Europeans aged 16-74 are not online. This corresponds to around 53 million people.71 per cent of EU citizens are on the internet daily. The figure is 89 per cent in Denmark. Denmark is one of the countries with the lowest share of people who are never on the internet (2 per cent).

This publication is based on information in the survey of ICT usage in households and by individuals 2016. The survey is based on a common EU questionnaire (ICT usage by individuals and in households 2016).

ICT usage in households and by individuals - EU benchmark


ICT usage in households and by individuals - EU benchmark
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