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Health care function (SHA), v1:2011




The functional classification of health care functions focuses on the grouping of health care goods and services consumed with a defined health purpose.

The classification contains all activities with the primary purpose of improving, maintaining and preventing the deterioration of the health status of persons and mitigating the consequences of ill health through the application of qualified health knowledge.

The primary purpose is pursued by the following groups of health care activities: health promotion and prevention; diagnosis, treatment, cure and rehabilitation of illness; caring for persons affected by chronic illness; caring for persons with health-related impairment and disability; palliative care; providing community health programmes; governance and administration of the health system.

This classification is the Danish implementation of the International Classification for Health Accounts (ICHA) and follows the Classification of Health Care Providers (ICHA-HC) in the manual A System of Health Accounts (SHA) 2011 Revised Edition.

Valid from:

January 1, 2011


Government finances


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