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Service items (EBOPS 2010), v1:2010




Denmark's foreign trade in services is calculated on the basis of the United Nations Service Companion Nomenclature EBOPS 2010 (Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification), as evidenced by the International Trade Service Manual (Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services, MSITS), issued by the United Nations and others by 2010. EBOPS is incorporated as a nomenclature in the EU Balance of Payments Regulation, etc., cf. above.

EBOPS 2010 is comparable to the balance of payments classifications defined in the International Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6)

Valid from:

January 1, 2010


External Economy


Stefan Gottschalck Anbro,, ph. +45 39 17 31 39
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Service items (EBOPS 2010), v1:2010 January 1, 2010 Still valid