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Work Stoppages

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Labour and Income, Social Statistics
Mikkel Zimmermann
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Work Stoppages

The purpose of the statistics is to calculate the number of working days lost due to work stoppages. The statistics has been compiled without any breaks since 1996.

Statistical presentation

The statistics is published on a yearly basis and provide an overview of the number of work stoppages, number of recipients employees and number of lost working days during the calendar year.

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Statistical processing

Reporting forms is sent out in February the year after the reference year with a response time of 3 weeks. Immediately after the reporting deadline a reminder is sent. If the reporting does not happen, the statistics will be published without. However it happens very rarely. The data is published in April the year after the reference year.

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Not relevant for these statistics.

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Accuracy and reliability

As the statistics is based on a sample of major employees and employee organizations they do not provide complete coverage of the area. But it is assumed that the major part of working stoppages during the year is covered by the statistics.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published 3-4 months after the reference date. The statistics are usually published on the scheduled date without delay.

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The statistics are compiled since 1973, but up to 1995 only work stoppages with a loss of 100 working days or more are included. From 1996 and onwards all work stoppages are included despite the range. This means that figures from 1996 and onwards are not directly comparable backwards in time. The number of work stoppages and loss of working days might be underestimated for the 2006 statistics. Changes in the public sector made it impossible to retrieve information from all public institutions regarding work stoppages.

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Accessibility and clarity

Continuous publishing:

  • Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik (News from Statistics Denmark)
  • Statistical Yearbook
  • Statistical Ten-Year-Review

All data available is published.

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