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Water and Waste Water

The methods and data sources for the Water Accounts are unchanged throughout the period covered by published figures (2010-). International comparison is possible with all other national water accounts based on UN's statistical standard SEEA 2012.

Comparability - geographical

Water Accounts are produced according to SEEA 2012, the UN statistical standard for environmental economic accounts, and therefore comparable to water accounts from other countries using this standard.

Comparability over time

There is full comparability over time since 2010, the start year for the present statistics.

Statistics Denmark has also for the period 1995-2005 published water accounts. These earlier series are not fully comparable to the present series - the industry groupings have changed, and also the source data and methods are changed.

Coherence - cross domain

The water accounts by industry are part of the Danish green national accounts, which are compiled using the same classifications as the national accounts, ensuring consistency and comparability to economic data. Therefore, the figures are suitable for comparisons with other parts of the environmental-economic accounts (e.g. emissions to air, generation of waste, energy consumption) as well as figures from the national accounts.

Coherence - internal

Full internal consistency.