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Population and Education, Social statistics
Dorthe Larsen
+45 3317 3307

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The Population

These statistics are relevant for municipalities, regions, ministries, other government organisations and private companies in analyses of a number of conditions of society and as a basis for planning of e.g. schools, roads, facilities and services for the elderly etc. Statistics Denmark also uses the basic data and results of the statistics for a vast number of other assessments.

User Needs

The primary users of the statistics are municipalities, regions, ministries and other government organisations that use the population statistics for planning purposes among other things. Furthermore, the population statistics constitute the foundation of many other statistical domains within the area of personal statistics.

User Satisfaction

Our daily users as well as our contact and user committee (information in Danish) continuously provide us with information about satisfaction with the statistics and any changes in needs. We are able to help most of the users who make inquiries via Statbank Denmark, which covers the vast majority of what the users are looking for. If Statbank Denmark does not cover the inquiry, we generate new data, if possible. In a few instances, we receive questions that we are unable to answer.

Data completeness rate

In the data that Statistics Denmark provides to Eurostat in connection with Regulation (EC) No. 862/2007, other time delimitations exist as to when immigrations and emigrations must be included. In both cases, Eurostat uses 12 months – i.e. you are an immigrant when you come to Denmark intending to stay in the country for at least 12 months, and you are an emigrant, when you emigrate intending to stay abroad for at least 12 months. In the figures presented by Statistics Denmark in Statbank Denmark, the time delimitation is 3-6 months. Eurostat figures for immigration and emigration for Denmark are thus lower than the figures published by Statistics Denmark themselves.