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The Education Transition Register

The purpose of The Education Transition Register is to give a fundament for describing transitions through the education system beside the one there are in The Student Register. In The Education Transition Register there is a number of simple counts of movements in the education system, ex the number of time a student change education within the same group of education and completion time.

Statistical presentation

In The Education Transition Register the central unit is education groups instead of individual programs. The Education Transition Register looks at these group of educations and the students are followed through a education group with the new elections and institutional changes that may occur.

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Statistical processing

The education career in The Student Register is divided into groups The individual record relate to a group and have information about the progress through the groups as well as the transitions between the groups. See also the statistical treatment in the documentations of statistic for The Student Register.

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The register is obvious to illuminate the process of education.

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Accuracy and reliability

The reliability of the educational information is judged to be good. The Education Transition Register is based on The Student Register. The information in The Student Register, comes from the institutions' administrative register and goes through an comprehensive error check in connection with the annual data collections.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published about 5 months after the end of the reference time. The statistics are usually published without delay to the scheduled date.

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The information in The Education Transition Register starts in 1973 and the comparability over time good. Basic school includes only grade 8-10 up to the school year 2005/2006. From 2006/2007 preschool through 7 grade are included.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistical data is released in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik Statistic Denmarks Statbank dissiminated figures from the Transition register under the subject Educational transitions

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