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Welfare and Health, Social Statistics
Siri Dencker
+45 21 45 34 92

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Social benefits for senior citizens

The authorities and public institutions and the population use the indicators for analysis, research, debate, etc. The focus is to ensure more valid documentation at the elderly area. This is achieved by retrieving the information directly from the municipalities' care systems (EOJ), which is constantly updated as a part of the municipalities' case management.

User Needs

Users: Ministries, boards, municipalities, regions, municipal organizations, trade unions, nongovernmental organizations, consulting companies, private companies, researchers, journalists, students and citizens.

Areas of use: The scopes of application are for planning, analysis, statements, research, articles, public debate and legislation.

When establishing the statistics, special attention has been paid to the indicators that serve both local and national considerations. The statistics must provide input to give the Government and the Parliament a better overview of efforts, results and effects at the elderly area. In order to ensure a high quality of data, the aim is that the national documentation is based on data that has a local application.

User Satisfaction

A working group with Statistics Denmark, KL, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens and the Danish Health Data Authority deals with, among other things users' needs and satisfaction with the statistics.

Data completeness rate

Not relevant for these statistics.