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Accuracy and reliability

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Mona Larsen
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Slaughter Animals and Meat Production

It is mandatory for farmers to report which animals leave the property and where they come. At the same time, it is mandatory for slaughters to register all animals that are slaughtered. In the slaughterhouses, the slaughter weight, the assessment of the carcase, etc. the register of each animal, which includes used to settle the animal. The calculation of prices and values is based both on actual a conto prices and partly on estimates of the anticipated down payment paid by the cooperatives and only realized after the end of the year and can thus cause uncertainty about the accrual.

Overall accuracy

The statements of slaughterings both in bulk and in quantities are of high quality, as it is compulsory to report this information, in addition, this information forms the basis for the settlement to the farmer. There are total figures for the quantities with very high coverage. The price and value calculations may be subject to a minor periodic shift.

Sampling error

Not relevant for these statistics.

Non-sampling error

There may be a smaller periodic displacement. Home slaughtering is an estimate.

Quality management

Statistics Denmark follows the recommendations on organisation and management of quality given in the Code of Practice for European Statistics (CoP) and the implementation guidelines given in the Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System (QAF). A Working Group on Quality and a central quality assurance function have been established to continuously carry through control of products and processes.

Quality assurance

Statistics Denmark follows the principles in the Code of Practice for European Statistics (CoP) and uses the Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System (QAF) for the implementation of the principles. This involves continuous decentralized and central control of products and processes based on documentation following international standards. The central quality assurance function reports to the Working Group on Quality. Reports include suggestions for improvement that are assessed, decided and subsequently implemented.

Quality assessment

For the quantities, these are total inventories at a very high level, as it is statutory that all slaughtering must be registered. The data on prices and values may be subject to minor time lags.

Data revision - policy

Statistics Denmark revises published figures in accordance with the Revision Policy for Statistics Denmark. The common procedures and principles of the Revision Policy are for some statistics supplemented by a specific revision practice.

Data revision practice

Revision of data back to previous years rarely occurs, but can be revised monthly, when the year's final figures are available.