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Relocations (Discontinued)

The period of waiting for the late reporting from the CPR register was shortened in the 4th quarter of 1992 from 40 days to 30 days.

The change method i 2007 means, that events which is happen in the former quarter/year, but at first is registered in the actual quarter/year, will not be counted as an internal migration in actual year. Analyses has shown that internal migrations for the year of 2007 that 2½ pct. of the internal migrations of the year is not part of the actual publish year.

Comparability - geographical

In compiling the statistics, the circumstance that the occurrence of the events is reported to the central Population register with some delay, is taken into account.

The basis of compiling the total population as of the internal migration of the year is the persons, who on 1. January and until the 31. December are recorded on the central Population Register (CPR) as an internal migration. The population is adjusted for internal migrations, which took place before 1 January, but which were reported to the CPR not later than 30 days after the occurrence of the events.

Comparability over time

Not relevant for these statistics.

Coherence - cross domain

The municipalities prepare their own estimations based on information from their own registers. These estimations are very seldom in keeping with Statistics Denmark's estimations, because the municipalities' estimations do not take account of the time lag for the compilation of the statistics.

Coherence - internal

Not relevant for these statistics.