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Recipients of subsidy for private day-care

There is comparable data for the number of children receiving subsidies from 2007 until today. The statistics can be found in Statistikbanken in the tables PAS2(2004-2006) and PAS22(2007-2014).

Comparability - geographical

Statistics Denmark is unaware of other similar international statistics.

Comparability over time

Numbers on children who receives subsidy in relation to private daycare before 2008 can be found in table PAS2.

Coherence - cross domain

Statistics Denmark is publishing statistics on the number of children, employees and the ration between children and employees in day-care facilities. These can be found in the tables BOERN1, BOERN2 and BOERN3 or hereBOERN. Tariffs on day care can be found here: RES88. Statistics Denmark also produce a similar statistics on children and employees in leisure facilities. They can be found here: BOERN5

Coherence - internal

Not relevant for these statistics.