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Public Sector Innovation

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Research, Technology and Culture, Business Statistics
Helle Månsson
+45 39 17 31 13

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Public Sector Innovation 2023

The purpose of these statistics is to uncover the extent and types of public sector innovation. The survey is conducted according to EU and OECD guidelines concerning innovation statistics.

Statistical presentation

These statistics are an annual measurement of the share of innovative workplaces in the public sector. The statistics are grouped by industry, in groups of business sizes and by type of innovation at the individual workplace, degree of novelty, initiator and obtained values.

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Statistical processing

The statistical treatment of data primarily concerns the creation of derived variables and formatting of the data.

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Ministries, departments. municipalities, regions, decision makers, workplaces and employees in the public sector, who have the possibility to compare the innovation activities of their workplace in comparison to others, and to get inspired for new solutions. Researchers and consultants working with innovation in the public sector will be able to use the material for analyses.

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Accuracy and reliability

The survey was voluntary with a response rate of 36 per cent, and therefore the uncertainty will be higher than in a survey with a much higher response rate. Measurement errors are believed to be very small, as nearly all questions in the survey are qualitative.

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Timeliness and punctuality

From the end of the reference period (June 2023) to the day of publication, 6 months have passed.

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All the Nordic countries have collected and disseminated comparable statistics, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics is published in a Danish press release. In the StatBank, these statistics can be found under the subject Innovation. For more information, go to the subject page for these statistics, or visit the webpage of Center for Offentlig-Privat Innovation.

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