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Public Funding for Cultural Purposes

The purpose of the statistics Public Funding for Cultural Purposes is to provide a comprehensive overview of public funding for cultural purposes by collecting all data on public cultural budgets. Previously, the statistics was compiled by the Ministry of Culture and results were disseminated through the publication Kulturpengene. The statistics describes the magnitude and categories of the public funds for cultural purposes and has been compiled in this form since 2007.

Statistical presentation

These statistics present annual accounts of the public funding for cultural purposes in DKK million by cultural domains, purpose, financing arrangement and financing type. The statistics detail the funds allocated by the central government and local authorities for purposes within the domain of the Ministry of Culture. Funds are allocated to cultural institutions, projects and individuals and are used for operating institutions, subsidies for specific activities and projects, scholarships, etc.

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Statistical processing

Data on State funding is delivered by the Ministry of Culture. Data on municipal funding is drawn from Statistics Denmark's account of budgets of municipalities. Electronic data editing as well as manual checks of the results are performed by Statistics Denmark before publication. Results are compared to last year's results and the occurrence of new purposes are verified by the Ministry of Culture.

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The statistics are relevant for private individuals, companies and public authorities as the basis for e.g. forecasts, analyzes, contract regulation, public and private planning purposes in the cultural field.

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Accuracy and reliability

Data for these statistics are derived from authorized and central sources such as the National Budget, Supplementary Funds Records and the municipal budgets.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published without delay. Data collection awaits endorsement of the Supplementary Funds Record by the Parliamentary Committee on the National Budget, which usually occurs in May of the fiscal year. Given a processing period of approximately two months, the annual statistics are expected to be available in August.

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Statistics on the state funding are comparable to the National Budget publication from the Ministry of Finance. Media License Fees are detailed in the annual budget record on determination of the Media License Fees. Lotto funds for cultural purposes are itemized in the annual Supplementary Funds record on the allocation of Lotto funds for cultural purposes. For municipal funds, statistics are partially comparable with statistics from Statistics Denmark's Budgets of municipalities and regions.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in the StatBank under the Culture, economic conditions.

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