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Producer price index for construction of dwellings

The Producer Price Index for Construction of Dwellings is a quarterly measurement of price developments of commercial transactions related to the construction of new dwellings, i.e. the price a household or a developer pays the construction company for the construction of a dwelling. The statistic only covers construction of free standing one-family houses, and is therefore not representative of e.g. multi-family houses, terraced houses, general housing, vacation homes or commercial/industrial buildings.

Data description

The purpose of the Producer Price Index for Construction of Dwellings is to describe the price development of constructions of dwellings in Denmark. Currently, the statistic only covers free standing one-family houses. The price concept is the price of a newly built dwelling incl. the producer's direct constructions costs and profits, but excl. the cost of land, taxes and further costs not directly related to the construction of dwellings. Thus, the statistics contains information on producer prices for newly built dwellings in Denmark. The index is published quarterly and is based on prices reported by Danish type house entrepreneurs. Each publication includes a price index and the percentagewise price development since the last quarter.

Classification system

The statistic covers the construction of free standing one-family houses. A one-family house is defined by classification code 120 in the Danish Buildings and Dwellings Register (BBR). The classification describes the main use of a building. Thus, the index covers the production of dwellings carried out by companies that produce type houses belonging to code 41.20.00 (Construction of buildings) in the Danish Business Register.

Sector coverage

The statistic follows the construction of free standing one-family houses, and thus covers a part of the construction sector.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Hedonic regression: Methodology where the price of a good is modeled as a function of the characteristics of that same good.

Producer price: The price of a produced commodity incl. the producer's direct production costs and profits, but excl. VAT and additional costs not directly related to the production of the commodity.

Statistical unit


Statistical population

The target population is all newly constructed dwellings in Denmark.

Reference area


Time coverage


Base period

2015 = 100.

Unit of measure

Index and percentage changes.

Reference period

The statistics corresponds to the quarter. The indices are related to dwellings that have been completed within the relevant quarter.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

The legal authority to collect data is provided by the Act on Statistics Denmark, section 8, as subsequently amended (most recently by Act no. 610 of 30 May 2018). The statistic is also included in the future framework for business statistics in the EU: FRIBS.

Cost and burden

The response burden has not yet been calculated for this statistic. Data is reported by companies via a questionnaire, which is uploaded to Statistics Denmark aim to minimize the response burden by making the reporting process as straight-forward and user friendly as possible. It is assumed that the reporting process takes less than one hour pr. quarter. In cases erroneous or missing data, Statistics Denmark first examine if such data can be acquired from the Danish Buildings and Dwellings Register (BBR). If not, Statistics Denmark may contact companies to correct the the erroneous data.


For more information please see the home page for construction sector indices or contact Statistics Denmark.