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Prices and Consumption, Economic Statistics
Nicklas Elversøe
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Producer and Import Price Index for Commodities

The Producer and Import price index for commodities serves as economic key figures, cyclical indicator, deflator and a contract regulations tool. The primary users of the statistics are the Danish National Accounts, business and stakeholders in the Danish economy. The statistics meet all the requirements of the EU in terms of industry coverage, aggregation level, frequency and publication date, etc.

User Needs

Producer and import price indexes for commodities are used in deflator purposes to take into account price changes in other economic agencies. It includes the fixed price calculations in the National Account statistics, which is part of the calculation of the real economic development in Denmark.

The indices also act as economic key figures and cyclical indicator used by public and private decision-makers for assessing the socio-economic development.

In addition, the index of business for contract regulations is used.

User Satisfaction

The primary user of these statistics is the Danish National Accounts. For this reason, the main purpose of the statistics is as a deflator for fixed price calculations. This main purpose means that certain transactions, e.g. transfer prices, are included which would not be otherwise included for a purely inflationary measure. There is regular dialogue with National Accounts, in relation to quality and user satisfaction.

There are also external decision makers who use the statistics for contract regulation, as well as to monitor the price developments in the published indices. Statistics Denmark is on a regular basis in contact with these users, and attempt to meet any requests to the extent which it is possible, keeping in mind that the primary purpose is for deflation.

Periodically Statistics Denmark holds a committee meeting with users of price indices. The committee meetings are held in cooperation with the consumer price indices, as well as statistics for purchasing power parities and price level indices. It should be noted, however, that the last meeting was held in 2015. You can see more information and contact the price index committee here. Members of the committee are: the Ministry of Finance the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior; The Danish National Bank and the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority. Membership of the committee is updated on a needs basis.

Data completeness rate

The statistic is covered by requirements from the EU in terms of industry coverage, level of detail, frequency and release times. Statistics Denmark meets all these requirements. Some indices are not included in the population because the goods are of a special nature or because turnover is too low. Other sub-indices are included in the sample, but not published due to confidentiality reasons.