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Short Term Statistics, Business Statistics
Karina Moric and Nanna Nikander Nonboe-Nygaard
+45 39 17 30 32 and +45 39 17 32 65 and

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Nights spent on camp sites

The statistics are for example relevant for accommodation businesses, Eurostat, ministries and business and tourism organizations for forecasts, analysis and planning.

User Needs

The primary users of the statistics are accommodation businesses who use the data to compare their own development with the development in general. Furthermore the statistics are used by Eurostat and professionals from ministries, business and tourism organizations and scientist. Also the statistics are used by students, media and school pupils.

User Satisfaction

A meeting with interested parties from the industry is held every 6 months. The participants have the opportunity to get knowledge on the latest development in the statistics as well as discuss the current statistics and provide valuable suggestions for improvements.

Data completeness rate

The statistics is not fully compliant with the EU regulation. In the monthly statistics the existing cut-off limit of 75 camping units or more is too high, since the requirement of the EU is 10 units or more. Statistics Denmark has set the cut-off limit to 75 in order to reduce the burden on SMEs, which according to the survey of small hotels and campsites cover about 5 per cent of the annual overnight stays at Danish campsites. In the yearly statistics the cut-off limit is 10 units, as required. Furthermore the regulation requires the collection of data concerning the number of arrivals by nationality. At present the arrivals is only divided into Danish arrivals and arrivals of foreign visitors and therefore only an estimate of arrivals divided into nationalities is disseminated to Eurostat.