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National Accounts, Economic Statistics
Thomas Eisler
+45 39 17 30 68

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Natural gas weekly (experimental statistics)

The statistics shows weekly figures for consumption and storage of natural gas.

Data description

The experimental weekly statistics on natural gas shows weekly figures for consumption and storage of natural gas.

Classification system

The week numbers follows ISO 8601.

Sector coverage

The consumption covers terresterial consumption in Denmark. Offshore consumption is excluded. The storage covers the central storage in Lille Torup and Stenlille.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Working gas storage: Working gas storage is the stored gas that can be withdrawn under normal operation. In addition there is base gas which is necessary to maintain pressure in the storage.

Statistical unit

Natural gas for final consumption

Statistical population

Total consumption in Denmark and stored gas available for consumption.

Reference area


Time coverage


Base period

Not relevant for this statistic.

Unit of measure

Terajoule (TJ)

Reference period

Calendar week.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

The statistics is based publicly available data. There is no EU regulation for the statistic.

Cost and burden

Data are collected by Energinet. There is hence no direct burden.


Other information can be achieved through contact to Statistics Denmark.