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Timeliness and punctuality

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Government Finances, Economic Statistics.
Ulla Ryder Jørgensen
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National Accounts, Institutional Sectors

The first version of the quarterly sector accounts is released 90 days after the end of the quarter. In connection with the publication of the fourth quarter at the end of March, the first version of the annual sector accounts is also published. Almost three years after the end of the year, the final annual and quarterly national accounts are published. The sector accounts are published punctually.

Timeliness and time lag - final results

The statistics are published on an annual and quarterly basis. The first version of the preliminary annual sector accounts is published three months after the end of the reference period. The final annual sector accounts are published three years after the census year.

The quarterly non-financial sector accounts are first published 90 days after the end of the quarter.


The statistics are usually published without delay in relation to the pre-announced dates of publication.