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Livestock production

The purpose of Animal Products is to show size of production of animal agricultural products in Denmark. The statistics are used to monitor the price and quantity of development as well as the total value of animal production. The statistics on animal products have a long history and since 1900 it is possible to compare time series for the main figures, but from 1945 there have been adequate statistics in this area.

Statistical presentation

Animal Products are a monthly, quarterly and annual measurement of total animal production, as well as of the main animal products. The statistics are stated in DKK million. and as quantity and price indices distributed by product groups.

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Statistical processing

Data for these statistics are collected annually, monthly and quarterly, depending on product. Data comes from administrative registers, miscellaneous notifications, etc. In the individual statistics, the data received is checked for completeness and consistency, as well as consistency with previous periods. Data is checked again for completeness and consistency as well as correlation with previous periods in aggregation and calculation of quantity and price indices as well as total values ​​for animal agricultural products.

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The statistics are used by ministries, agricultural organizations, as the basis for preparing analyzes and forecasts. The basic data and results of the statistics are also included in the National Accounts.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics give complete coverage and the margins of errors are restricted to estimates of the producers' own consumption, lower thresholds in the external trade statistics and incomplete statistics of stocks. The data derived from calculations of balances are residuals and the figures are subject to margins of errors. The greatest margins of errors are observed for the statistics compiled quarterly.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published without delay in relation to scheduled release times.

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The statistics have been compiled since 1900, but are in their present form comparable from 1946. Compared to the statistics regarding Prices and price index for agriculture, there can be small differences due to a slight difference in the weight composition of the individual main products.

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Accessibility and clarity

See the topic Food Consumption where there is reference to Statistics in the Food and Beverage Consumption by Type and Device (Year).

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