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Land Accounts

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National Accounts, Economic Statistics
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Land Accounts

The Land Accounts are part of the Green National Accounts. They were first published in 2017. The purpose is to account for changes in land cover and land use in Denmark.

Statistical presentation

The Land Accounts cover two dimensions: land cover and land use. Land cover is about how much of Denmark is covered by infrastructure, buildings, crops, forests, different habitat types, lakes, etc. Land use is about how much land is used for different purposes, such as housing, trade, manufacturing, recreational facilities, agriculture etc. Land cover is accounted for at two points in time: 2011 and 2016, based on a consolidation of a number of map sources. Land use has so far only been accounted for in 2016. The Land Accounts are published in News from Statistics Denmark in aggregates, as well as in detailed form in the StatBank (including a regional dimension).

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Statistical processing

The land cover accounts have been produced from consolidating a number of source maps, all of which shows aspects of Danish land cover. All the maps have been overlaid using GIS techniques and aggregated into one map. The main part of the GIS-related work has been carried out by DCE, Århus University.

The land use accounts have been produced by combining the Cadastral map with the registers on buildings, dwellings, businesses, municipal plans etc. The classifications from the registers have been combined and prioritized to create the classification of land by land use.

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The land accounts have been presented for selected users during the development, mainly at meetings in the User committee for environmental-economic accounts and statistics.

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Accuracy and reliability

Quality of the land cover accounts is considered to be high. The statistics are well documented and transparent, building on all relevant map sources for the land cover of Denmark. Quality of the land use accounts is considered to be good, but the uncertainties are bigger than for the land cover. This is because the method is new and these accounts are the first published of their kind. As for many other statistics, the higher level of detail, the higher the uncertainties.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The land accounts have been published in two steps, in February (land cover) and May (land use) 2017.

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The land cover accounts is fully compatible between 2011 and 2016. Compatibility with older statistics on land cover is limited, as there have been major changes to sources as well as methods. Land use has so far only been measured for one reference year.

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Accessibility and clarity

The Land Accounts are published in News from Statistics Denmark, the StatBank and as part of the book on the green national accounts (March 2017). The land accounts are part of the subject page for natural resources.

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