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Labour and Income, Social statistics
Jarl Quitzau and Uwe Pedersen.
+45 39 17 35 94, +45 39 17 34 24,

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Income Statistics

The primary users of the income statistics are ministries, municipalities, research institutes and the media. An annual meeting with some of the users of the main welfare statistics is held in Statistics Denmark. On a daily basis users call with questions related to the statistics or comment on our publications on social media. Through these interactions with the users we continually assess the need for improvements of the statistics.

User Needs

  • Users: Municipalities, ministries, organizations, research Institutions and the news media.
  • Application: To show the development in and composition of income for different sections of the population and to measure income distribution.

User Satisfaction

No information on user satisfaction has been collected.

Data completeness rate

Data exists for the entire population. Incomes are primarily based on the final tax statement. Thus published data do not include undeclared income, insurance payout and losses/gains from gambling etc. Reported Incomes from up to 5 years ago can be revised by the tax authorities, however the data used for income statistics are extracted 8 months following the end of the income reference year.