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Statistical processing

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Labour and Income, Social Statistics
Annesofie Thorup Olesen
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Housing Benefits

Data for these statistics are collected monthly from Udbetaling Danmark via a system-to-system connection. Data are treated annually. Invalid data are excluded. Afterwards, the data is aggregated by the type of housing benefit, municipality and age.

Source data

The source of data is an administrative register on housing benefits operated by Udbetaling Danmark.

Frequency of data collection

Data are collected monthly.

Data collection

data is delivered using a system-2-system solution.

Data validation

Cases with invalid data is excluded. The remaining data are used in the statistics.

Data compilation

The housing benefit amount is in some cases reduced due to an upper threshold for the total amount of cash benefit. The actual paid amount used in these statistics is adjusted accordingly. The subsidy rate for a household can changes in the middle of a month for several reasons. In that case, a full month's rate of the most recent housing benefit rate is used. The statistics include the average, median, upper and lower quartile of housing benefit payments and the number of households receiving housing benefits aggregated by municipality (BOST63 ) and age (BOST64).


There are no corrections made to data other than what has been mentioned under Data validation and Data processing.