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Statistical processing

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Welfare and Health
Birgitte Schûtt Christensen
+45 3917 3608

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Data are from the National Patient Register. Until 2019 data were received annually, this is also expected from 2022 onwards. Information is applied about admissions to, outpatient treatments at and emergency room visits to public and private somatic and psychiatric hospital wards during the calendar year.

Source data

External sources: The National Patient Register (LPR3), The Danish Health Data Agency (from 2012-2015 from SSI and before 2012 from the Danish Health Authority)

Internal sources: The Population Statistics Register (Before 2019)

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

Extracts from the master tables of the the National Patient Register in the Danish Health Data Agency are transmitted via a secure connection to Statistics Denmark.

Data validation

Totals and subtotals are compared as far as possible with figures from from the Danish Health Data Agency.

Data compilation

The Hospital Utilization Statistics contains the following information for each contact during a calendar year: date of admission and discharge, emergency or non-emergency admission, and diagnose classification group.

Hospitalization is defined according to a length-of-stay criterion, cf. the Danish Health Data Agency (file:///H:/z/win7/SDS_notat_indlaeggelser_ambulant_noegletal_baggrund_off_101219%20(2).pdf cf.

Diagnosis is selected as the time-dominant action diagnosis during the same hospitalization.


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