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Government Finances, Economic Statistics
Louise Mathilde Justesen
+45 39 17 33 57

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Health care expenditures (SHA)

The statistic is relevant for professionals and analysts. The statistic is included in the annual publication by OECD Health at a Glance and will be launched in OECD's database OECD.Stat. Professionals and analysts use the statistics to get a detailed overview of the consumption of health services in Denmark.

User Needs

The purpose of the statistic is to contribute to an international comparable database concerning the consumption expenditures on health. OECD uses the statistic as input to the annual publication Health at a Glance and publish the data in their own database OECD.Stat. Nationally, the statistic is used by professionals and analysts to get an overview of how the expenditures for health care are distributed across the entire field of health in Denmark.

User Satisfaction

Data regarding user satisfaction is not gathered at the moment.

Data completeness rate

The statistic fulfill the demands in the regulation made by EU. The publication of data in StatBank table SHA1 is identical to the detail level transmitted to Eurostat.