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Fur animals production (Discontinued)

The purpose of the statistics is to illuminate fur production in Denmark, including the production of skins of mink, chinchilla and foxes. The statistics have been compiled since 1990 and are comparable throughout the period. In 2020, all mink were killed in Denmark

Statistical presentation

The statistics provide information on the number of skin from fur animals, the average prices per skin and the total values of the skin production. The stocks of fur animals are distributed by mink, chinchilla and foxes.

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Statistical processing

Information is collected from Copenhagen Fur. Number of skin produced in 2020 are information from Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

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The statistics on fur production are of great interest to agricultural organizations, the Ministry of the Environment and Food, and the EU. The statistical data are also used in other areas within Statistics Denmark for, among other things, to calculate volume and price indices, as well as Agriculture's gross factor income, which is included in the National Accounts. No survey on the user satisfaction is available. The main impression is a high degree of satisfaction.

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Accuracy and reliability

The basis for the data are the auctions by Copenhagen Fur. The only place in Denmark, which hole auction with fur. The statistics are compiled from register-based data.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The punctuality is high, with delays happening very rarely.

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The data is comparable form 1990 onwards.

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Accessibility and clarity

Yearly data about furred animals can be find in Stat Bank Animalsk produktion, i tabellen PELS6.Data i StatBank Denmark:

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