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Enterprise Groups in Denmark

Enterprise groups in Denmark is an annual statistics, which is initially carried through regarding the year 2009. The purpose with the statistics is to describe the activities in Danish companies in a greater and broader perspective. Thus the statistics contributes to the description of the business structure in Denmark.

Statistical presentation

The statistics covers enterprise groups in Denmark and is measuring the extent of these, in number of enterprise groups and the number of full-time equivalent employees in these enterprise groups.

The statistical unit is therefore the "Enterprise Group". An enterprise group, in these statistics, is regarded to be two or more companies located in Denmark and at the same time have a mutual ownership. A mutual ownership is regarded to be present if one Danish company owns and/or controls more than 50 per cent of another Danish company.

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Statistical processing

The statistics is entirely based on registers. Several data validation procedures are carried out, in order to secure a high data quality. A number of variables are checked to verify that an enterprise is part of a possible enterprise group relation.

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The statistic focus on both the magnitude and significance of enterprise groups in Denmark. Therefore it contributes with important new information regarding the Danish business structures. The primary users of the statistic are various industrial organizations, politicians, researchers and the news media.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistical results are based on information on the individual enterprise relation to an enterprise group received from the Business Register and commercial data sources, which are connected to data received from other registers. No sample survey technique or cut off limit has been introduced.

It is appraised that with the sources available, this statistics gives a fair and true view of enterprise groups in Denmark.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Enterprise groups in Denmark are disseminated 18-24 months after the end of the calendar year. This statistic are dependent of the availability of the source material, which in turn are dependent of the availability of the annual reports by the Danish companies, and the statistics are also dependent on the completion of other statistics/registers. Enterprise groups in Denmark are normally disseminated without delay to the announced time.

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This statistic is, to our knowledge, only carried out in Denmark. The method has not changed since the first reference period (2009). Enterprise group structures undergo substantial changes, and the statistics is expected to be of a volatile nature as regards the number of groups and employees.

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Accessibility and clarity

The results are available in the statistical databank for Statistics Denmark. See also Enterprise groups.

It is possible to buy tailor-made tables, and researchers can obtain access to the micro-data upon request. The variables are documented in TIMES.

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