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Electricity and natural gas prices

The statistics shows prices of natural gas and electricity, within break downs into size groups of consumers, business and household respectively. Prices are shown, without and with taxes and VAT. The prices are to be comparable across EU countries for the benefit of a well functioning single market. The statistics has been compiled since 2007 in the present way.

Statistical presentation

Natural gas and electricity prices are overall compiled for household customers and business customers, in practice consumers which are non-households. The prices are compiled for the customers broken down use per year. Some price elements are very depending of the amount of use. Prices are compiled biannual in four levels: Price at energy company, Price incl. supply, Price incl. non-recoverable taxes, 3. Prices including all taxes and VAT, as the final price are composed of several elements. The main collection and compiling of data are done by the Danish Energy Agency.

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Statistical processing

The collected prices on energy plus information from distributers and the Tax authority on tariffs, taxes and VAT, respectively, are compiled to fulfill the definitions on the four prices levels

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Natural gas and electricity costs are important to most citizens and enterprises and also in regards to the competitive situation among EU-countries. Therefore, it is relevant with reliable, transparent and comparable price statistics at important energy product.

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Accuracy and reliability

The quality of the results/prices are good, as almost the whole market on electricity an natural gas is covered. Regarding the distribution costs, there may be some insecurities due to the fact, that it is difficult to align the information on distribution exactly to the average use of energy within size groups.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The results have to be compiled three month after end of reference period, i.e. end of March and end of September, respectively

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The results are fully comparable over time from 2015 and onwards. For previous years there are also high comparability, in particular for largest size groups (non-households). Prices since 2007 are in Eurostats databank.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in the StatBank under Electricity and natural gas prices.

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