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Jonas Holst-Jensen
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Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS)

Eurostat publish data for the EU-member states for CVTS. The results are comparable across the member states as the same guidelines have been applied. The guidelines was specified by EU.

Comparability - geographical

Comparable data for the CVTS-surveys within EU-countries are being published by Eurostat.

Comparability over time

It can be problematic to compare the results of the earlier years, because:

  • the response rate was 31 pct. in CVTS2006, 41 pct. in CVTS2011 and CVTS2016.
  • some variables included in CVTS2006 were discarded in CVTS2016 which means that a comparison is not always possible between the two surveys.

Coherence - cross domain

There is no direct comparable Danish statistics within this area. However, a few questions have related to participation within various periods have been included in the Labor Force Survey (LFS).

Coherence - internal

Often the answers to some of the questions were not logic or coherent in relation to each other which caused a considerably work related to control, follow-up and correction of the results.

Uncases with lack of answers in relation to quantitative data, these were imputed. The imputations substitutes the missing values by information from similar enterprises. The criteria used were financial activity and size.