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Business and Management Consultancy Activities

The purpose of the statistics is to provide information about the activities in the sector Business and management consultancy activities and thereby improve the knowledge of the sector. Moreover, the purpose is to improve the information in the national accounts statistics regarding the service sector, and finally it contributes to the continuing maintenance of activity codes in the Central Business Register. The statistics carries out every two years. It is a sampling and questionnaire-based statistics. The statistics is a part of EU Structural Business Statistics (SBS). The statistics was carried out for the first time for the year 2005.

Statistical presentation

The statistics provides information on the distribution of total turnover (and export) on products and services in the sector Business and management consultancy activities. Furthermore the statistics provides information on the turnover and export divided by clients and residence of client (resident or Non-resident intra-EU or Non-resident extra-EU).

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Statistical processing

Data are collected by web from 385 enterprises for the sector Business and Management Consultancy Activities. In the questionnaire the enterprises are asked to breakdown their turnover by a number of products, services and client categories. The reported data are checked by comparing the distribution of turnover among enterprises that are similar. Survey data is grossed up in part by including information from administrative sources on the VAT turnover in the reference year for the entire population.

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The statistics is used among enterprises when planning and provides an overview of the development taking place in the service sector. Furthermore the statistics is an input to national accounts in Statistics Denmark regarding the service sector. The statistics is also used of the European Statistic bureau, Eurostat, to create EU-statistics about Business Services.

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Accuracy and reliability

Overall, the uncertainty of the level of the total turnover is estimated below 1 per cent. The uncertainty varies widely between services and is significantly higher than the uncertainty of the total turnover. For example the service "Consulting in finance (except corporate tax)" has a sampling uncertainty of 21 per cent.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is published every second year and approximately 10 months after the reference year. The statistics is published usually without delay regarding to the announced date. To EU the data must be delivered within 18 months after the reference year.

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The statistics has been compiled since 2001. Before the survey year 2004 the sector Business and management consultancy activities has been studied with Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities. It can be problems in comparing figures over time. The questionnaire, the sample design and the calculation method have been adjusted a few time, latest in 2013, where data for 2012 has been backcasted using new method.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in a collective Danish press release for services. The figures can be found in the StatBank under Business and management consultancy activities. For more information go to the subject page for the Service sector. International comparable figures are available through Eurostat's webpage under Business Services.

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