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Book Production

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Book Production

Last updated: 18-01-2020

Statistics on book production show publications and editions of books in Denmark. The statistics are compiled for the reference year 2012 and onwards by Denmark Statistics, and contains figures from 2007 and onwards.

Statistical presentation

Statistics on book production shows releases and issues of books in Denmark. A book appear in the statistic of the year it is released. A book in this context means not only releases to the commercial market, but can also be written material published by public institutions, scientific reports, etc. that meet the criteria for inclusion in the Danish national bibliography.

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Statistical processing

DanBib provides data from the national bibliography for the survey year in week 1 of the year immediately following the survey year. In addition, DanBib provides a follow-up supply in week 19th. The statistics are based on the national bibliographic registration in the Danish national bibliography.

The definition of what counts as a book in this context, follows the criteria for inclusion of publications in The Danish national Bibliography.

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The statistic is relevant to stakeholders in the book industry, he Ministry of Culture, media and other citizens. There has been no study of user satisfaction in this statistic.

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Accuracy and reliability

The source of the statistics is Danish book list, will receive books and other material from publishers though the Legal Deposit law. This means that Danish books printed abroad, where the publisher does not send the books to Danish book list or to legal deposit are not included in the statistics. There exist no calculation of the extent of this omission.

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Timeliness and punctuality

publication of statistics occurs in late June. The statistics are usually published without delay in relation to the scheduled date.

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The statistics are not comparable with previous releases of book production statistics from DBC.

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Accessibility and clarity

Publishing happens in

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