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Population and Education, Social Statistics
Martin Nørskov
+45 39 17 34 79

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Bachelor and long cycle higher education

The statistics are relevant for public administrators, scientists and other analysts, journalists and citizens etc. as basis for prognoses, analyses and planning purposes in the educational field, but also for example in the labour market field and the integration field. The basic data for the statistics are used as background data for most of the personal statistics at Statistics Denmark, and it is the basis for the tables in StatBank Denmark about education.

User Needs

The users are many and varied. The statistics are often used for external tasks ordered from Statistics Denmark by ministries, municipalities, research institutions, non-governmental organizations, private companies, individuals and the press. The basic data is used in more than 2000 research projects every year where scientists and researchers gain access to the data via Statistics Denmark’s Division of Research Services. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science receives the basic data, which is used for planning purposes, analyses and prognoses etc.

User Satisfaction

The users are involved as much as possible. Some users can help by securing data from the educational institutions of a high quality is reported to Statistics Denmark on time and other users can give inspiration for new statistics and analyses. Through user involvement, Statistics Denmark get inspiration to the development of methods and models that can contribute to the continued development and improvement of the statistics. Statistics Denmark also has a contact group for education statistics which meet once a year.

Data completeness rate

The statistics fulfill the demands of the resolution as put forward by the EU.