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Activities of foundations

The purpose of this statistic is to give new knowledge about foundation, by showing the activities of the foundation in form of grants and payouts. The statistics was published for the first time in 2016.

Statistical presentation

The statistics shows activities of foundations by grants and payouts in DKK mio. The grants are aggregated by purpose, main area, instruments and type of recipient..

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Statistical processing

The statistic is produced yearly by survey. Data is collected by electronic questionnaire or file report form. Error detection is conducted directly in the questionnaire or afterwards by standardized error detection routines. The published results are raised to the level of the population. A stratified random sampling is used on the basis of grants in previous and last years use of tax credits, as well as legal form.

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The statistic gives information about the activities for foundations, which is not covered by other official statistics. Payments from foundations gives a substantial contribution to society. The statistic covers all grants from the foundation internal as well as external.

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Accuracy and reliability

There is no indication of large biases to the result. There can be a small underestimation due to measurement error on smaller units who answers incorrect due to complexity of the questionnaire.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Results for 2019 is published 11 month after the end of the reference period.

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There are no international standards on the topic, and there are no other official statistic.

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Accessibility and clarity

The main results are published in a NYT from Statistics Denmark and related tables in the Statbank. See also subject page.

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