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Labour and Income, Social Statistics
Uwe Pedersen
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A-Income Statistics (income subject to provisional tax)

The a-income statistics mainly comprise of wages and transfers. It illustrates the level and composition of the a-income for the tax year and can be split into wages and various types of transfer incomes. The a-income amounts to 90 per cent of the total gross income. The statistics are based on the provisional tax statement for the income. The data is acquired four months after the end of the tax year. The final income statistics is based on a-incomes acquired eight month after the end of the tax year. The final statistics are based on the Statistics Denmark's Register of Incomes Statistics.

Data description

Data description(s4.1): The purpose of the statistics is to measure total A-income, labour market contributions & preliminary taxes paid. The a-incomes can further be decomposed into wages and salaries, unemployment benefits and the likes, cash benefits and the likes, education grants, early retirement pay, social pensions, public servant's pension and other pensions. Statistical measurements: Number of persons with a given income or benefit, total income from a given income or benefit, average income from a given income or benefit for the recipients.

Classification system

The A-income statistics is tabulated on municipalities, type of a-income gender and age. The population is also divided into income brackets based on total a-income pre- and post taxes and contributions.

Sector coverage

Not relevant for this Statistic.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Age: Age on the 31st of December of the tax year.

Income type: Type of income(current prices):

  1. Income taxed at source (A-income), total (2+5+11+17+18)
  2. Wages and salaries
  3. Private and labour market pensions (14+15+16)
  4. Public transfers, total (5+12+13)
  5. Daily benefits, etc. total (6+7+8+9+10)
  6. Unemployment benefits and the like
  7. Other benefits from the unemployment insurance funds
  8. Cash benefits for means of subsistence
  9. Other cash benefits
  10. Sickness benefit         
  11. Pension, etc. total (12+13+14+15+16)
  12. Early retirement and the like
  13. Old-age pension and disability pension
  14. Civil servants pension
  15. Labour Market Supplementary Pension Scheme (ATP)
  16. Other pensions
  17. Education grants (SU)
  18. Other income taxed at source
  19. Provisional tax (A-tax)
  20. Labour market contribution
  21. Payout after deduction of tax etc. (1-19-20)

Municipality: Municipality of residence on the 31st of December of the tax year.

Statistical unit

Persons living in Denmark

Statistical population

Persons who are 15 years at the end of the year and with a permanent address in Denmark.

Reference area


Time coverage

The statistics cover the time period from 2012.

Base period

Not relevant for these statistics.

Unit of measure

  • Number of persons
  • DKK 1,000

Reference period

The statistics contain income from the income year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

Section 6 of the Act on Statistics Denmark (most recently amended by Act no. 599 of 22. June, 2000).

No EU regulation apply on this statistics.

Cost and burden

The response burden is zero as all data is collected via Central Customs and Tax Administrations registers.


No further information is available.